Hiltronex Sound Production Studios

About Us

Jon Hilton started Hiltronex Sound during high school in 1968,
and is a life long resident of Ithaca.

He is also a part-time faculty member at Ithaca College as a lecturer,
and has been teaching either a course in Advanced Sound for Cinema
or Audio Production since 1994.
Links: www.ithaca.edu/rhp

Jon's been a part of the local jazz and rock music scene since college days,
currently playing bass in the rock band Radio London. The band plays originals, but has more fun covering all the great 1960's songs from Animals to Zombies.
Links and pix:
http://johnsimonmusic.com/band.htm (Picture)
http://johnsimonmusic.com/bandinfo.htm (More stuff)

He also remains active in community projects, participating as a Board member in agencies affiliated with the Ithaca School District or dedicated to Youth Programs.
Links: www.learning-web.org/ and www.icsd.k12.ny.us