Hiltronex Sound Production Studios
Previous Clients and Projects

Previous monthly radio syndication production:

Finger Lakes Focus: 1988 - 1998; Daily short-form radio feature on regional events, airing on upstate New York stations.

Birdwatch: 1989-1994; Daily short-form radio feature crediting the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and airing primarily on NPR stations.

The MoneyPro Report: 1989-1993; Steve Crowley's daily radio feature produced in coordination with the "NBC Good Morning" television version of the feature.

Ocean Report: 1996 - 2000; Daily short-form radio feature on ocean environmental issues, sponsored by Pew Charitable Trusts, featuring Peter Benchley, (author of "Jaws"), and airing on both commercial and public radio stations.

Previous weekly Web-based production:

    Radio Voyager Network: 1998 - 2001, one of the first Web-based "radio" streaming operations;
    edited and provided weekly production packages, theme music, consultation.
    (RVN was successful, and was bought out by World Space Network).

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